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Laptop Crushproof Waterproof Case By Otter Products

Laptop Crushproof Waterproof Case By Otter ProductsOtterBox 7030

Waterproof Laptop Case

  • Waterproof
  • Crushproof
  • Ergonomic Carrying Handle
  • Integrated Lock System
  • Quick release straps
  • Rubber feet on bottom
  • Customizable internal fit
  • High-impact polypropylene

OtterBox Laptop cases protect your PC like no other case available. Rugged case design that is so strong you can stand on the case without doing any damage. Bet you can't do that with those soft cases! And of course, it wouldn't be an OtterBox case without being waterproof. OtterBox Laptop Cases can also be used to protect Slates, Tablets, Ultra Mobile PCs, and Convertible Tablet PCs.

This case will fit up to 15" laptop screens including widescreen format

Max. dimensions of the laptop, the case will accommodate (with the standard bumpers):
14.2" (361 mm) wide x 11.2" (284 mm) deep x 1.9" (48.3 mm) thick

External Dimensions:
16.375" x 14.5" x 3.375"
(416.9 mm x 368.3 mm x 85.7 mm)

Note: Not intended for underwater use

Price: $119.99

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