15 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi

Tread Transient Attache 15-Inch MacBook Pro Case (Black/Red)

Tread Transient Attache 15-Inch MacBook Pro Case (Black/Red)Tread Transient Attache - 15" MacBook Pro Case - Black with Red Sheen Contrast Lining. Removable Handles, Removable External Carrier, Italian Buckles. Aimed at stylish and globally conscious individuals, Tread cases are hand-crafted from discarded South American truck inner-tube tires, given new life and a strong design for the individual. Tread compliments your products, giving them the durability needed for your modern day lifestyle. Each case is unique with its own story to tell and created for the individual in mind. Tread is part of Better Energy Systems' group of products designed to enhance modern living with contemporary ideals in design, quality, and build; bringing you functional products promoting Better Energy Lifestyle Support Systems . Protecting People, Place, and Product.

Price: $249.95

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