22 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Female Adaptor for Mac

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Female Adaptor for MacConnect an external display to your Mac using this Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. It's even color-coordinated to Apple computers! This cable is short, only 18 centimeters in length, and is intended to be used with a separate VGA cable (not included).

Compatible with some versions of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, & Mac Pro desktops and also the 24-inch Apple Cinema Display.
**You MUST verify your display port type before purchase!!**

Please note, this is a generic/aftermarket item.

Apple is now licensing Mini DisplayPort technology, so this item also works with Toshiba Satellite Pro S500; Tecra M11, A11 & S11.

Price: $41.99

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