3 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

Belkin Laptop Sling Bag

Belkin Laptop Sling BagTake the traditional back pack to the next level with a slim sling bag. The Sling Bag has compartments for everything from pens, business cards, credit cards, power supply and your other notebook accessories. Also, there is a separate removable pouch for your power supply coordinates with your bag and contrasts for easy identification. The cell phone pocket provides quick access while providing protection with plush scratch-free fabric whereas the shoulder strap and back-side of the sling bag has extra padding and breathable mesh for maximum support and comfort. A SnapClip is used that allows quick access to your sling bag. There is also a convient headphone grommet that provides access to your MP3 player while keeping it safe and stored in a secure pocket. The Sling Bag also features a plush fabric in the notebook compartment to prevent scratches and damage to your notebook's surface.

Price: $64.99

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