30 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad (N100)

Logitech Notebook Cooling Pad (N100)Whether set up on your desk-with or without an external keyboard and mouse-or on your lap, the USB-powered Logitech® Cooling Pad N100 distributes air quietly and evenly under the case of your notebook and helps protect you from heat.


  • Slotted surface, virtually silent airflow: The USB-powered fan distributes air quietly and evenly under your notebook.
  • Rear air intake: You get steady, unobstructed airflow-whether on your lap or on a desk-to help protect you from heat.

    Convenience and style

  • Colors and shape that fit your life: A seamless addition to any room in your home.
  • Enclosed, durable construction: The internal fan is protected from dust and damage.
  • Low power consumption: Designed for efficiency, with minimal impact on your notebook's battery.

    Price: $29.99

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