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Car Charger Dc Laptop Adapter Power Cord for Apple Mac

Car Charger Dc Laptop Adapter Power Cord for Apple MacCompatible with Apple Mac MagSafe 85W Power Adapter MacBook Pro MA938LL/A MA357LL/A A1172 A1290 661-4599 661-4832 661-4599 A 1172 A 1290 6614599 6614832 6614599 Mac Book Mag Safe / / / / / / The 85 Watt AC Adapter from PWR+TM is specially designed to meet the power needs of your Apple systems. The adapter enables you to simultaneously operate your system and charge its battery from electrical power outlets in cars. Packed with 85 Watts of power, this lightweight and easy-to-carry plug adapter proves to be an optimized portable power source while on the road.

!!! / / / Sample customer reviews about PWR+ Car Chargers: "This item did exactly what I expected it would do. It works fine and I use it every day to power my laptop from my van. It draws much less power from the car battery than using an inverter and my AC power cord". / / /

"Fast Processing, Fast and affordable shipping. Item new and as described. You cant go wrong with PWR+" / / /

"This is the first reasonably priced device I've seen that will supple car power to the MagSafe Macbook Pro. I used it quite a lot for several weeks on the road and it operated exactly as advertised."

" FANTASTIC product! I put it to use Day 1 and love it! I run a MacBook Pro w/max RAM and 250GB HD (orig was 80GB for this model) so it pulls alot of power. Other adapters blew car fuse - this doesn't! " / / / !!!

Price: $59.90

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